Our Approach

Building Your Business By Standing With You
Not Over You

At Mauloa, we’ve built a different kind of private investment firm, one based on our experience as investors, entrepreneurs, business owners and C-suite leaders

It’s an approach we’ve honed while helping more than 20 companies exceed their owners’ expectations. (And if you’d like to hear the story straight from one of them, just let us know and we’ll make the introduction.)

When private companies take on outside investors, the partnership can quickly run into trouble if investors and management have conflicting incentives. Mauloa keeps everyone’s incentives aligned through three principles that guide every investment.

Building Success Through
Aligned Incentives

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Principle 01

Control Your Own Destiny

We believe no one knows a business as well as its owners, which is why we only make minority investments that keep owners firmly in control. Our level of involvement is tailored to your needs—there’s no one-size-fits-all template.
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Principle 02

Investment Structure

When Mauloa invests in a company, it typically does so as the company’s first and only outside investor. This enables the investment to be made with equity and compensation structures that reward performance–while recognizing that lasting results can take time.
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Principle 03

Long-term Focus

Our investments come with no redemption rights. We’re not thinking about an exit timeline because we don’t have one. This focuses everybody—including us—on long-term value creation.


Mauloa’s management combines strategic, financial and operational expertise. We’ve started and grown our own successful businesses and then taken what we’ve learned to help dozens of companies do the same. We’ll help you develop new strategies on everything from how to scale up back-office operations to designing compensation structures to attract and incentivize top talent.


Imagine being able to get hands-on advice about growing business overseas from a recent top executive at a global hospitality brand. Or testing out e-commerce strategies with a co-founder of one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms. Or getting the lowdown on tax credits and government contracts from a former senior official at a federal cabinet department. When you become part of the Mauloa family, our connections become your connections, leading to new business, new strategies and new friendships.


We begin every partnership with a deep respect for the fact that the business is built on relationships with employees and customers that were there long before we entered the picture. We listen (and then listen some more) before we speak, and you can hold us to our word. We’re not looking to disrupt your team and your culture—we’re looking to be a part of it.

Investment Criteria

Mauloa seeks to make minority investments in privately held successful companies:


We look for companies generating $20-100M in revenue and $3-10M in annual cash flow. We are open to larger companies on a case by case basis


We are open to investing in all industries


United States

Investment Size

$10-25M initial check with the ability for follow-on investments

Investment Structure

Typically preferred equity, non-control with less than 50% ownership (We use a venture capital strategy in profitable businesses)

Typical Uses Of Capital

Acquisition financing, recapitalization, working capital, growth capital, owner liquidity or a combination, management / partner buyout

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