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At Mauloa, we do one thing: provide successful business owners with the additional resources and expertise they need for their companies to grow and evolve

Our breadth of experience allows Mauloa to help companies and their leadership teams get where they want to go efficiently and effectively. And each path is unique—determined by what’s right for the company, its owners and its employees rather than an external timetable.

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What Business Owners Say About Partnering With Mauloa

When AlphaStaff’s management wanted to buy out the company, we needed an investment partner with the true long-term perspective that would give us the time and space we needed to achieve our vision for the company. Mauloa’s been that partner, and they have been instrumental in making that vision a reality.
Bob Brody, Chairman, AlphaStaff
Providing rapid-response construction services to areas hit by natural disasters is a niche business, but Mauloa understood both our business and the culture of our third-generation family enterprise. They’ve been integral to Ducky Johnson Recovery’s success and a true partner.
Danny McKearan, CEO, Ducky Johnson Recovery
To continue to grow our 90-year-old family business, develop innovative products and access a growing marketplace, we needed a partner who provided more than capital. Mauloa understands our opportunities and is giving us both the resources and insight we need to achieve them.
Leslie Hermanson, President, Mr. Christmas
When our call-center company sought outside investors, Mauloa saw the potential that others couldn’t. They understood our business, provided capital and expertise, and let us run the company. We had a very successful exit—and are proud to be working with the Mauloa team on our next venture.
Donnie Gross, Founder, TLK & Vcare
Mauloa provided ESS (formerly Source4Teachers) with the patient growth capital we needed to build the business to the point where it was an attractive acquisition for a major PE firm—and at a much higher valuation than we ever could have achieved without Mauloa’s help early on.
J. Jeffrey Fox, Former CEO, ESS

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